Kinkaku-ji (金閣寺)


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    In Japanese, it's always important to use less respectful terms for your own family and more respectful terms for another's family. Note also that the words for older/younger brother/sister are different.

  • Are you married? 結婚していますか? Kekkon shiteimasu ka?
  • I am married. 結婚しています。 Kekkon shiteimasu.
  • I am single. 独身です。 Dokushin desu
  • Do you have brothers and sisters? 兄弟はいますか? Kyōdai wa imasu ka?
  • Do you have children? 子供はいますか? Kodomo wa imasu ka?
  • Talking about your own family
  • Father chichi
  • Mother haha
  • Older Brother ani
  • Older Sister ane
  • Younger Brother otōto
  • Younger Sister imōto
  • Grandfather 祖父 sofu
  • Grandmother 祖母 sobo
  • Uncle 叔父/伯父 oji
  • Aunt 叔母/伯母 oba
  • Husband otto
  • Wife tsuma
  • Son 息子 musuko
  • Daughter musume
  • Grandchild mago
  • Talking about another’s family
  • Father お父さん otōsan
  • Mother お母さん okāsan
  • Older Brother お兄さん onīsan
  • Older Sister お姉さん onēsan
  • Younger Brother 弟さん otōtosan
  • Younger Sister 妹さん imōtosan
  • Grandfather おじいさん ojīsan
  • Grandmother おばあさん obāsan
  • Uncle おじさん ojisan
  • Aunt おばさん obasan
  • Husband ご主人 goshujin
  • Wife 奥さん okusan
  • Son 息子さん musukosan
  • Daughter お嬢さん ojōsan
  • Grandchild お孫さん omagosan

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