Kinkaku-ji (金閣寺)


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    In Japan, you can legally be incarcerated for twenty-three (23) days before you are charged, but you do have the right to see a lawyer after the first 48 hours of detention. Note that if you sign a confession, you will be convicted.

  • I haven't done anything (wrong). 何も(悪いこと)していません。 Nani mo (warui koto) shiteimasen.
  • It was a misunderstanding. 誤解でした。 Gokai deshita.
  • Where are you taking me? どこへ連れて行くのですか? Doko e tsurete ikuno desu ka?
  • Am I under arrest? 私は逮捕されてるのですか? Watashi wa taiho sareteruno desu ka?
  • I am a citizen of ____. ____ の国民です。 ____ no kokumin desu.
  • I want to meet with the ____ embassy. ____ 大使館と会わせて下さい。 ____ taishikan to awasete kudasai.
  • I want to meet with a lawyer. 弁護士と会わせて下さい。 Bengoshi to awasete kudasai.
  • Can it be settled with a fine? 罰金で済みますか? Bakkin de sumimasu ka?

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