Kinkaku-ji (金閣寺)

Offensive Language

  • Fool or idiot (Kanto) バカ baka
  • Fool or idiot (Kansai) アホ aho
  • Doing something untimely まぬけ manuke
  • A slow person のろま noroma
  • Being bad at something 下手 heta
  • Being very bad at something 下手糞 hetakuso
  • A stingy person ケチ kechi
  • An old man ジジイ jijii
  • An old woman ババア babaa
  • Not being cool ダサイ dasai
  • Fussy or depressing ウザイ uzai
  • Creepy キモイ kimoi
  • Drop dead! くたばれ kutabare
  • Get out of the way! どけ doke
  • Noisy! うるさい urusai
  • Shit kuso
  • Pervert スケベ sukebe

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